Dr Oz – Sriracha Hot Sauce Increases Metabolism to Burn Fat

Dr Oz says this should be your new  favorite condiment as it will help boost your metabolism and burn fat especially belly fat.

Sriracha triggers 20 different chemical compounds that in your body to start burning fat.

Put it on the food you eat instead of mustard, ketchup, soy sauce or other sauces and other sauces you use it will help you lose weight and fat in your midsection.

You can take the metabolism rev up farther with putting on Hot Pepper Jelly that Dr Oz recommended previously by putting it on your toast and other foods.  Dr Oz said it will boost your metabolism by up to 20%

Other Dr Oz  belly fat ideas are

Acacia Powder to satiate your appetite and it has prebiotics.

Have a tablespoon with water or juice before breakfast.

Take 2,000 mg of L-Arginine with every meal.

L-Arginine has the effect of  increasing growth hormone which you need to get rid of belly fat and because it will help build muscle when combined with exercise.